Welcome to Club4K — a community of like-minded individuals passionate about creating and editing professional videos for any purpose. We will teach you the basics of video production from scratch or refine the skills of already working professionals. Club4K is more than just a professional development course; it's a community of video enthusiasts who share their experiences and knowledge.

About Us

Club4K is a collective of individuals with a shared passion for creating and editing professional videos. Our team includes experienced YouTubers, video editors with over 10 years of experience in handling professional content, and invited instructors in the field of video editing. We are committed to providing personalized courses and consultations tailored to each client's needs and level of expertise.

Cost and Subscription

We offer a flexible subscription system that caters to the needs and preferences of each client. Our services are available on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription basis, with longer subscription periods offering more favorable terms.

Within the Club4K subscription, each participant gains access to individualized courses and consultations tailored to their level of knowledge and preferences. The timing and frequency of sessions are determined by the client according to their needs and schedule. We strive to ensure maximum comfort and flexibility for our participants, enabling each individual to effectively utilize their time and achieve their goals in video content creation.


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    "By joining Club4K, I found the perfect blend of learning and individual attention. Thanks for the powerful boost in my creative growth!"

    Ivan, aspiring vlogger

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    "Extremely pleased with the results of learning at Club4K! Professional instructors and personalized approach helped me significantly improve the quality of my videos."

    Anna, experienced video editor

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    "Fantastic experience! Subscribing to Club4K has been key to acquiring new skills and quality growth. Highly recommend to anyone aiming for success in video production!"

    Michael, film school student